Susan Polis Schutz

Have you ever had a dream or a goal in life that was a little farfetched? A dream that others told you was too hard, too risky, or too unrealistic?

We all have dreams. Many of us dream of fame and fortune. Some aspire to change the world someday. Others just want to lead simple lives and be happy.

That was the theme of renowned poet Susan Polis Schutz’s screening of her documentary, Following Dreams, at the CSU Lory Student Center on Thursday night. Inspired by the dreams of ordinary Americans, the film is an inspirational tale of eight people who chose to follow their own path.

A real estate developer turned environmental conservationist, a lawyer turned organic cheese-maker, and a Harvard graduate struggling as a professional magician are just a few examples of the extraordinary individuals the film profiles.

Schutz decided to make the film, which premiered in San Diego in May of 2009, after a conversation she had with a singer/songwriter performing in Central Park. Despite the small contributions from passersby being his only source of income, the amateur musician called himself the luckiest man alive to be doing something that he truly loves.

Following Dreams is an excellent film for anyone looking for a little inspiration. It’s a lovely and heart-warming reminder that we must never lose the tenacity to do what we love and, well, follow our dreams.

Introduced by her son, U.S. Congressman Jared Polis, Schutz answered questions from the audience after the film and left with these words: “Love what you’re doing. Success is how you feel, not what you do or how much you earn.”

Schutz will be back in Ft. Collins at the Blas Bleu Theatre on Sunday, Sept. 30, for the screening of another one of her documentaries, Over 90 and Loving It – a film about understanding the key to aging gracefully and living a full and vibrant life.