We have all heard the phrase, “It is 5 o’clock somewhere,” and after a long, monotonous day at the office, this little idiom could not be more fitting. It is true that our daily lives can become, somewhat, tedious and we find ourselves trapped in a rut, longing for something new and exciting to come our way. When you are all through with the lackluster meetings and difficult business proposals, turn in your memos and briefcases, and head to a place where everything is a little different and unexpected. The Corner Office, located on 14th and Curtis, directly across from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, is just the escape from the norm you have been searching for.

I have to admit, there is so much to say about The Corner Office, I was a little intimidated to do this write-up. I wondered if I could truly do the restaurant and martini bar justice, and not forget to include everything that, I think, makes them one of the greatest locations in Denver. So, I will take it one category at a time, and will begin with the ambiance. Even from the street I could tell that The Corner Office was a hip and fun place. When driving past the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, tall, wafty, purple umbrellas immediately captured my attention, and lead my eyes to the Warhol-esque pictures which line The Corner Office’s patio. I walked through the main door to notice the eclectic style the restaurant adorns. From its mod chairs and globe pendant lights to its graffiti-ed mural and funky patio décor, I could not quite tell from which decade the restaurant was themed, but felt that was part of its draw. There was something different to be seen in each direction I peered. Jerome Fosset, the general manager of The Corner Office, spoke of the modern yet retrospective look as a constant renewal. The Corner Office is constantly updating its style, starting out as a “Mad Men” premise for those who were just getting off work and looking for that special place to drink strong martinis and unwind. Fosset wanted the theme of the restaurant and martini bar to encompass the feeling of the saying, “It is 5 o’clock somewhere,” which is why some of the walls flaunt flirtatious pictures of workplace garbed co-workers. My server,Crystal, described the style as a sort of  “counterculture,” since the vibrant and unique restaurant is surrounded by boring office buildings.

The drinks at The Corner Office are about as unique as the decorations. The Breakfast + Tiffany was something I just could not pass up. With bacon bourbon, maple syrup, orange, Angostura and soda, this cocktail was like nothing I had ever tasted before. All the flavors joined together perfectly to make a strong and distinctive concoction for anyone with adult tastes, but also perfect for those manly men who may find martinis a little too feminine for them. Jackie Oh! was the second drink I tried off the menu, made with Suaza Blue Agave, Cointreau, fresh lime, and hibiscus reduction. The Jackie Oh! was light, fresh, and the perfect accompaniment to a dinner out on the patio. I would describe the Jackie Oh! as tasting like a flower and being perfect for those who are looking for something refreshing. Breakfast + Tiffany and Jackie Oh! are just two examples of the yummy, diverse and amusing drinks The Corner Office offers their guests.

If your group of friends or co-workers is as diverse as mine, than The Corner Office is the perfect place for you. Have no fear of where to take your eclectic friends with their varying tastes and opinions, you can be confident that The Corner Office’s global cuisine menu has something for everyone. The menu, plush with Italian, Greek, Asian and American influences, is certainly well priced and full of options that will satisfy any taste buds. What I appreciated most about the menu is how extensive it is, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner items, along with a quirky Disco Brunch on Sundays from 7 am-3pm with entrees titled “Far-Out Curry Crepe,” and “Flip Side French Toast.” The Corner Office also creates a special menu inspired by the plays that come through the Denver Center for the Performance Arts, offering a choice from two appetizers, three different entrees and a dessert for $52.80. The Corner Office’s Happy Hour menu is incredible, as well, with prices that will make you gawk, “Wow, really? Awesome!” Enjoy the Happy Hour menu at the sophisticated bar or out on the intimate patio under the funky purple umbrellas from 3-6 pm and again from 9-close.

My friend and I began our meal with fresh Shrimp Ceviche served with wide tortilla chips, and then moved on to split a tasty burger with fries coated in a twist of vinegar. We then ordered the spicy and perfectly seasoned Orange Chicken which was served in an authentic Chinese take-out box with green and red peppers, onions, and broccoli and accompanied by Jasmin rice, chopsticks, and a fortune cookie. Now, I am not much of a broccoli fan and usually begin my meals by picking out anything green from my plate, but the savory sauce that covered the Orange Chicken and additional vegetables was so good, I polished off every piece of broccoli there was. We then ended our meal with The Psychedelic Boat Ride, The Corner Office’s take on a Banana Split, which boasts two scoops on avocado ice cream, Nutella, Coconut Chantilly, Luxardo cherries, and pistachio.

The perfect ending to a delicious evening.

Not only does The Corner Office offer exquisite and delectable food and drinks, but it also provides friendly service and a fun, sophisticated atmosphere. If you are looking for a place to dine before or after you see a show, take advantage of The Corner Office’s Happy Hour menu, or if you just need a warm, sociable place to unwind after a long day at the office, take a seat at the broad bar set up with TV’s and welcoming bartenders. As for me, I can not wait to get back to The Corner Office, especially for Sunday Brunch so I can sink my teeth into an Office Boogie Burger. Be sure to check out The Corner Office every 2nd Saturday, as well, so you can sit on the groovy patio and listen to some local tunes. Jerome Fosset and his staff have worked hard to create a unique neighborhood bar with a welcoming and close-knit feel, and they have most definitely succeeded.