This Friday 8/24 @ The Hi-Dive

Flobots may be a local band again—it was released from its major label deal when its Fight With Tools follow-up didn’t perform like its surprise hit predecessor—but its speech has never been more global. Unsurprisingly, the Occupy movement is a primary focus on new independent release The Circle in the Square, but the title track was penned on a plane returning from Jordan and Jerusalem and tackles the Middle East unrest that triggered America’s own. “The idea for this song came while we were returning from a trip to the Middle East just as the Arab Spring was kicking off,” remembers emcee Brer Rabbit. “So often, freedom can be found only outside the confines of definitions.” Flobots’ work has always been a barometer of rising political sentiment (“Handlebars” happened to catch our country’s disapproval with the Bush administration at a tipping point); the outfit’s rediscovered musical and schedule freedom has allowed it time and space to process topics with a more personal connection. “When you have friends who are personally affected by marriage discrimination or immigration policy, it makes you want to say something about these issues,” explains emcee Jonny 5.

Flobots and fans will rally around The Circle in the Square this Friday, August 24 at The Hi-Dive. Comment on this post via the Facebook plug-in below for a chance at a physical CD or passes to the show.

George Peele enjoys strapping on height enhancers and aurally ambushing strangers. He is Music Editor for Follow Peele on Twitter: @Orangepeelmoses. Avatar image courtesy Jonathan Shoup.