Colorado AIDS Project has named Darrell J. Vigil as the new CEO.

The Colorado AIDS Project (CAP) Board of Directors recently announced the hire of former Board Member, Darrell J. Vigil, to lead the newly merged, statewide Colorado AIDS Project. Vigil served on the pre-merger CAP Board of Directors from October 2002 to September 2009 and returned in September 2010 as Board President.  After the October 2011 merger, Vigil served as Treasurer of the statewide organization.

“I have a strong passion for supporting CAP’s mission of meeting the evolving needs of people affected by HIV/AIDS. CAP must be willing and able to change as client needs change,” said Vigil. “Maintaining the status-quo is not an option for successful organizations. In addition to meeting evolving client needs, maintaining funding is an ever-changing challenge as HIV/AIDS treatment has improved vastly over the past twenty-plus years.”

Darrell comes to CAP with more than twelve years of experience in non-profit organizations, including most recently as the Director of Operations for OMNI Institute, a local not-for-profit social science research and training organization. He holds an MBA from Regis University.

“As health care reform is implemented, many new challenges will arise that must also be managed in order to sustain services to clients. I take great pride in being part of the leadership at CAP and in helping the organization evolve and grow,” said Vigil.

Bill Mead, President of the Board of Directors, believes the future of CAP looks very bright.  “I am pleased and very excited to announce that Darrell Vigil has accepted our offer to become the CEO of the Colorado AIDS Project,” said Mead.

Darrell serves as Vice-President on the Board of La Clinica Tepeyac, a local non-profit medical clinic.  He is a Colorado native and enjoys running, biking and skiing in his spare time with his long-time partner, Ken Zamiska.

About Colorado AIDS Project

The mission of Colorado AIDS Project (CAP) is to equitably meet the evolving needs of people affected by HIV through prevention, care and advocacy across Colorado. CAP supports more than 3,600 clients statewide living with HIV each year, through such support services as case management, mental health and substance abuse counseling, housing assistance, transportation, food bank, employment, and financial assistance. Each support service includes the ultimate goals of working with our clients to make healthy choices, increase their stability and access healthcare for enhanced, healthier lives. For more information, visit