Those who’ve been dreaming about a diet that permits doughnuts won’t have to wait much longer…Lucky’s new Bakehouse & Creamery is set to open in October. “If you have never had a French doughnut, you are missing one of the great pleasures of life,” asserts Jen Bush, the nationally recognized chef behind this soon-to-launch sweet spot. “They are very light; you might loose weight by eating it. One time I ate a dozen and lost five pounds.”

Bush has been schooling her daughters on doughnut types since they were three years old and will soon get to do the same for Boulder, serving up yeast, cake and filled varieties alongside the French. “We will do them all,” she reports, and those with a sweet tooth can also look forward to tasting bake house offerings as well as plated desserts, cakes using food-based colors, locally sourced ingredients, and organic ice cream with homemade toppings like crushed saltine toffee and natural marshmallow fluff.

Working on the renovation and building process at the moment, the Bakehouse & Creamery menus have been ready to go for months now after 15 years in the making. “I have all my favorite recipes that I have developed over the course of my career,” she explains. “There will be a lot of new ones, of course.”

On those menus, drooling foodies will find a full offering that also includes a savory selection. “Think leek and goat cheese galettes with bacon jam, thin pretzel sandwiches with ham and spicy mustard, homemade English muffins, quiche with arugula/wild mushrooms and lemon confit, giant smoked gouda gorgeres.”

The Bakehouse & Creamery is a venture in conjunction with and adjacent to Lucky’s Market—the first to jump on board and buy cookie dough from Bush’s former business, Ice Box Bakery. “He is known for that, to really give local food companies a platform to launch,” she says of Lucky’s owner, Bo Sharon. “He is a savvy business person and really involved in the community. So our friendship started a few years back. When he mentioned wanting to do a bakery, we started talking.” By nature, Bush considers herself a baker, not a business person. “I believe Bo and I will make good partners in this respect.”

Good partners in good food. Right up the way in my north Boulder neighborhood, I’m really banking on that doughnut diet plan panning out for me; I think I’ll be needing it to offset everything else I plan to eat come October.