High-end jewelry store, Hyde Park Denver (www.HydeParkJewelers.com), was host to a very special guest, the glamorous and successful Ivanka Trump.  Hyde Park Denver features several pieces from the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Collection.  The jewelry is every bit as sophisticated as its namesake.  303 Magazine Fashion Editor, Jenny McGlincy and I had the opportunity to sit with Ivanka while she was in Denver to view her collection and make her very first visit to the store.

I am inspired by accomplished women.  I wanted to know how she does it all, her inspirations, passions and goals.  Graciously, she answered all of our questions with the poise and elegance I expected.


Image by Michael Beckerman

303 Magazine: How did your partnership with Hyde Park jewelers come to fruition?

Ivanka Trump: Hyde Park Jewelers shares my vision of a sophisticated, smart customer who is looking for ageless investment pieces.  I think my jewelry will work seamlessly for their Denver customers.


303: Is jewelry a passion of yours?  If yes, how has that passion evolved into the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Collection?

IT: My mother’s jewelry always inspired me, and my love for the classic aesthetic helped propel my vision.  I realized the luxury fine jewelry market was missing a fresh, young design approach. That’s where my jewelry line’s vision of “Rock Tradition” plays a vital role-it’s a modern twist on jewelry’s most important classics.  I’ve always had a passion for jewelry.  I wanted to make women of my time feel comfortable buying fine jewelry and I wanted to give them the ultimate shopping experience.  The Soho boutique, the service, and the quality – it all speaks to a luxurious yet approachable jewelry shopping experience.


303: What is your most sacred piece of jewelry, who gave it to you, and what is it’s importance?

IT: The first piece of jewelry that I loved was a diamond necklace my mother gave me when I turned 21 – it’s the most inspiring piece I own.  Also, a pair of classic pearl studs my grandmother gave me when I was 10 has always been my favorite.


Courtesy of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry

303: In your current collection, which is your favorite piece and why?

IT: A fabulous pair of earrings that can go from the office to a night out are an absolute necessity!  My favorites are the Medium Signature Oval Diamond earrings; they really make a statement.


303: Your Ivanka Trump Footwear Collection, Ivanka Trump Handbag, and Ivanka Trump Apparel Collections are stylish and moderately priced.  Are there plans to incorporate a jewelry line that speaks to this customer?

IT: At this time there are no plans to incorporate a jewelry line that speaks to that customer.  We are continuing to grow Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry domestically and overseas as well as digging deeper into our regional markets; to help strengthen their product lines and relationships with their clients.


303: In your Fine Jewelry Collection there are several pieces my Grandmother would wear cocktailing that I would wear with a tee-shirt and jeans. What inspired you to create a line so broad in its appeal?

Image by Michael Beckerman

IT: Heirloom chic is the creative vision behind my jewelry line.  It’s the youthful reinvention of timeless jewelry.  Heirloom chic puts a modern twist on classic jewelry, capturing a sense of fine workmanship, tradition, and off-hand elegance.


303: You are involved in the U.N. Foundation’s Girl Up initiative and your diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict free.  How important is the idea of socially responsible retail?

IT: Social responsibility is a core value of the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry brand.  It has been an integral factor of what has fueled growth since the collection launch in 2007.  I will not only make this an important part of the business model but am always open to ideas and possibilities of other areas where we can strive to be more sustainable.


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303: You wear a lot of hats as the Executive VP of Development and Acquisitions with the Trump Organization, Boardroom Judge on your father’s reality television show The Apprentice, shoe, handbag, apparel, fine jewelry designer, wife, and mother.  I think everyone wants to know, how do you do it?

IT: Being honest, well prepared, creative and practical.  Every day is different for me.  I generally wake up, feed Arabella, exercise, and read through a copious amount of newspapers.  I arrive at the office somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m – my brothers and I are always the first ones in.  My days are often filled with a large volume of meetings – everything from hotel design to building management to jewelry initiatives to new deal development to marketing strategy and often, filming for the Apprentice.  I try to stick to a very strict schedule and I am never late – this is something that I learned from my father.  I also try to schedule some time between those meetings to spend time with Arabella, as well as return phone calls and emails; I think that it is very important to respond to direct correspondence in a timely manner.


303: Who are your favorite fashion designers, and why?

IT: I wear a lot of J. Mendel.  I always feel beautiful in his clothes.

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Visit the Hyde Park Denver store in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center to see the stunning Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry collection.


According to Vivienne Westwood, “You have a much better life if you wear impressive clothes.”  As a stylist in the fashion industry for over 10 years, I have found this to be true.  I work with Neiman Marcus Denver, People Stylewatch Magazine, and I am the current Fashion Director for 303 Magazine.

Tracy E. Bozarth