Space Gallery: Eleven Year Retrospective

Tango Corazon by Corey
Tango Corazon by Corey Postiglione

A decade. For some ten years goes by in the blink of an eye. For others, that amount of time may seem like an eternity. For Space Gallery, ten years is a cause for celebration (well ten years plus one).

On July 13 Space Gallery celebrated 11 years in business with their Eleven Year Retrospective exhibition. Featuring many of the artists that have shown at the gallery over its existence, the exhibition featured an eclectic mix of artists and techniques that provided a glimpse into the gallery’s history.

Cherith by Mark Castator

With no set theme in place, each artist was given a panel measuring 12” x 12” on which to create their masterpiece. As a result, the variety of techniques and themes employed was astonishing. From yarn to metal work to photography (just to name a few), the sheer diversity of materials incorporated into the pieces highlighted the experimental nature of the gallery.

Some artists employed traditional techniques such as acrylics and oils in their panels as opposed to incorporating more diverse media (i.e. fabric, metal). Take for example Corey Postiglione, who used acrylic in his piece “Tango Corazon” to create spiraling, snake-like forms that consume the canvas in a tangle of vibrant red. Other artists altered their panels in dramatic ways. For example, in his piece “Cherith,” Mark Castator completely covered his panel in what appeared to be copper, creating waves in the material that gleamed in the light and literally popped out from the piece itself.

Kohab #4 by Jeff Juhlin

With so many perspectives and techniques, you would think that the exhibition would be a hodge-podge of different themes. However, the show was set up in such a way that pieces with similar subject matter were placed in the same area, creating a seamless flow throughout the gallery. In addition, numerous artists carved into their pieces to create texture. One such artist was Jeff Juhlin, who etched lines into his aqua hued panel entitled “Kohab #4,” resulting in a pattern of different box-like shapes that added an almost three-dimensional quality to the piece.

Displaying 100 panels, the Eleven Year Retrospective exhibition provided unique snippets of the gallery’s eleven year history. At the same time, it left the door open for viewers to interpret that history in their own way. To check out the Eleven Year Retrospective head down to Space Gallery Tuesday-Friday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. All pieces are available for purchase via auction (there is also a buy-it-now option). The show runs through July 27.


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