EatDenver‘s annual Big Eat is a food lover’s dream: An all-you-can-sample affair that this year featured thirty-six restaurants, four breweries and three wineries at Union Station this past Memorial Day. And if you’re committed to supporting local business, it gets even better—for only 25 bucks, you get to fill your belly and enjoy local entertainment and activities all while knowing that your dollars are going toward the eateries that make Denver interesting and unique. Below, a not-quite-comprehensive (but close!) visual list of the Big Eat’s 2012 offerings—just the incentive to make sure you get your hands on tickets the next time around.

IMG_0949 IMG_1009
IMG_0938 IMG_0940
Assorted sausages, mustards, and pretzel roll from Euclid Hall; dulce de leche cheesecake with lemon sorbet from The Corner Office; carnitas quesadillas from Second Home; pan-fried gnocci with rabbit confit from Panzano.

IMG_0952 IMG_0960
IMG_0967 IMG_0964
Breakfast sausage wrapped in fried pancake batter from Snooze; Italian sandwiches from Red Star Deli; popcorn with Chinese barbecued pork and yuzu mayo from Vesta Dipping Grill; loaded potato chip from Russell’s Smokehouse.

IMG_0970 IMG_1020
IMG_0979 IMG_0975
Plantain tostone topped with wild boar ragout from Black Pearl; chicken liver pate on toast from Coohills; headcheese with green papaya slaw from Row 14; wild boar sausage topped with poblano corn salsa from Biker Jim’s.

IMG_0983 IMG_0993
IMG_0990 IMG_1002
PB + J funnel cake from Stoney’s Bar & Grill; prosciutto-wrapped, gorgonzola stuffed date from Rialto Cafe; Angus beef slider and coleslaw from Hideaway Steakhouse; chicken and pork tamales from El Camino.

IMG_0998 IMG_0982
IMG_1004 IMG_1007
Lemon and chocolate macarons from Happy Cakes, Nicoise deviled egg from Lou’s Food Bar; marscapone-stuffed artichoke hearts from Ignite!; duck-fat caramel corn with Marcona almonds from Table 6.

IMG_1010 IMG_0945
IMG_1013 IMG_1017
Beetroot-juice pickle and Coca-Cola peanut brittle from Beatrice and Woodsley; sashimi over corn and rhubarb salad from TAG; corn dog from Steubens; Genoa salami pizza from Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria.

See you next year, The Big Eat!