Unbalanced: Through thick and thin…literally

Through thick and thin

The idiom is one that is typically associated with intimate relationships. When we enter into one, there is little doubt regarding the initial attraction. The more time you spend in it, the more it looks like there might be a future. We are motivated by the “lingerie” that we seem to see every time the opportunity presents itself, but give little mind to the realities of, well, the granny panty scenario.  Any girl knows that those Victoria Secret eye patches only come out when absolutely necessary, and that the truth is they constitute only a small fraction of stage time. Eventually this and many other truths come out and then we really get a glimpse of reality. It is at this moment that we have to decide if it is truly worth it, and if we really have it in us to persevere.

One of these realities revolves around the time you are able to maintain with each other. The horrible truth is that although I am blessed enough to see my husband every day, our time is not earmarked for he and I alone. Much like the majority of couples, our longest stretch of time together is while we are eating. Quite honestly, even most first encounters start, “Want to get together for a drink?” In some cases the situation quickly resurrects itself with “want to get some breakfast?” And there within a 24 hour period we have had more (or at least equal) meals than dates. Where do we go from here? The reality is that couples tend to have their conscious time monopolized by eating.

Managing one’s eating habits can be difficult. Spending meal after meal with another who enjoys the “deep fried evening” or the John Belushi breakfast (little chocolate doughnuts not cocaine; although both will kill you in time) can only make things more difficult.  I suppose it is that temptation that is ever present. When that temptation is there minimally it is easier to defend against. When temptation is daily it is harder to keep fighting; I think of it like the NBA player on the road having to fend off the rivers of women running through the hotels, arenas, and restaurants (and here we are again with the meals). After awhile, the majority of people cave. And once one caves it gets easier to deal with the guilt until the guilt fades completely. And we’re doomed to never escape the granny panties (literally). Through ‘thick and thin’ is now replaced by ‘thoroughly thick.’ Once kids come into play we add another dimension to deep fried evenings, now in the enchanted play-land. Ice cream Sundays lend their name to another weekly ritual. Any hope of continuing the fight has to include conscientious eating by all those who we share meal time with.

This means of operation has to transcend just eating, and start to spread into other lifestyle choices. I am all for evenings at home, board games, family Wii sessions, etc.; but incorporating this same time commitment to other, less sedentary activities is hugely beneficial, and having allies in a lifestyle battle is much better than having enemies.  Additionally, with this lifestyle, all involved reap the benefits. We have taken up activities we did when we were little. Watching the determination on my daughter’s face, willing herself if it kills her, to not fall is absolutely comedic. I imagine it is similar to the face she has once she pivots away from me in disgust after being denied the opportunity to wear the ballet skirt to school; with the “kid brawl” (that is what she calls her bra her cousin gave her; I suppose many a bra caused many a brawl, so we go with it). These little footnotes are ever more present, it seems, the more active we are. The extra-curricular activity has made life in the jungle, I mean gym, much more do-able.

Adam was upfront about this dynamic between couples and I have come to find out that, yet again with oracle-like accuracy, he was more correct than previously anticipated. I can’t help but think that the majority of people at B Fitness are on to this dynamic as well. I consistently see couples supporting each other and their fitness endeavors, and it is quite motivating.

Results: I am giving a disclaimer, a bit disappointed, I lost two pounds on the scale, I let my work manipulate ‘my-time,’ missed way too many meals, and as a consequence Adam added an early morning cardio and switched up the diet to ensure I am eating as much as I need ( as I was avoiding eating on a supermodel consistency).

This is the thick of things, and I aim to get through them and back to the thin. My pension for control has allowed me to minimize the granny panty scenario to a mere full back, family in toe.

START: (measurement) 160lb |  56.2lb fat mass | 35% body fat (very poor) | 103.7lb lean mass

GOAL: 130lb | 20lb fat mass | 20% body fat | 110lb lean mass

NOW : 151lb | 39 lb fat mass | 25% body fat | 113lb lean mass

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