Lea Luna, a Denver-native singer/songwriter and DJ, is fixing to make 2012 her year to shine. Having now set up shop in Los Angeles, California, she has built her career over the past couple years by playing to crowds in such major locales as NYC and Miami, in addition to Denver and LA. She has also recently teamed up with Manufactured Superstars, the DJ duo behind Denver- and Berlin-based online electronic music outlet Beatport and Denver dance music destination Beta Nightclub, to work with them on the video for their single “Take Me Over” and provide vocals for their collaboration “Drunk Text”. She is set to release her album Rock Show on RAID Recordings and Strictly Rhythm later this year and this recently released video showcases the title track. Her musical style draws comparisons to pop’s bad girl Ke$ha without the embellished antics and with much better looks. “Rock Show” features heavy rock influences while incorporating a danceable house beat suitable for radio play. Shot on location in LA, the video showcases her living the fast life reminding us that “we don’t party like rock stars, they party like us.”

To find out more about Lea Luna, visit her Facebook page here.