East Coast reggae/down-tempo/dub band See-I and members of Thievery Corporation unite tonight on the stage at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, so ditch your delivery food, your 30 Rock, and the comfy yet enslaving groove you’ve made in your couch and head out for another one of Denver’s notoriously random pop-up dance parties. God I love this town.

Though See-I’s name is not as well known as their joiners for the evening, they are highly acclaimed within their scene. Two brothers are the originators behind the sound of See-I. Rootz and Zeebo hail out of DC and have been jammin’ sinche the 80’s. They have earned great acclaim over the years; some reggae aficionados have said they’ve become “a fixture in modern roots dub”. They have grown immensely over the years, and not in technical skills or popularity–but also in size . See-I now usually runs as an eight-piece band. Tonight they are joined by members of Theivery Corporation–and if you haven’t heard Theivery’s musical sensation yet, this is a perfect opportunity to get your feet wet. Thievery Corporation DJ Eric Hilton is clearly happy about the collaboration. “[See-I is] unique musically and I think that’s why people gravitate to them so much,” said Hilton.

The night at Cervantes’ kicks off at 8pm with local dub/reggae slinger DJ Uplifter. Next up, the “island infused drum’n’bass of Zach Deputy. Finish it off with See-I and what do you have? Big tings my friend, big tings. See you there.