While some people may think that roller-skating is a passé activity, those at Beauty Bar Denver, as well as hundreds of Denver residents, know that roller-skating is anything but out of style—especially when you mix in a DJ, bar, and themed outfits. Throwbacks have been popping up all over the place—Ahem, Justin Bieber wearing a Tiffani Thiessen shirt—and this roller disco throwback doesn’t disappoint. Beauty Bar Denver’s Down & Derby event, which takes place every third Friday of the month at the EXDO Event Center, is good ol’ adult fun, and that is coming from someone who has been around the rink.

Doors open at 9 p.m. with a five dollar cover charge and attendees who are planning on roller-skating would be wise to show up around eight thirty to get in line—due to its popularity, the event can and will run out of skates, and there will be blocks of people waiting in line to get in. Bring your own skates or lace up there for an additional five dollars, hit the roller rink, and prepare for a very enjoyable evening.

After attending the Hair Metal Edition of Down & Derby this past Friday, I was impressed with the exceptional costumes and saw everything from wigs and face paint to funky spandex pants and very short shorts—those that don’t don costumes are definitely the minority. Let’s get to the real question though: Will you spill your drink roller-skating? The answer is “No.” As if this event wasn’t already conjuring up some of the best childhood memories, Down & Derby has also added sippy cups to its throwback list—but the adult version. Two words: Pure genius. “Skate, drink, [and] dance” to beloved party songs until two a.m. at this alternative nightlife spot—don’t worry, if you’re not a good skater like yours truly, you can still enjoy the party—yes, stationary people can still enjoy the spill-proof sippy cups.

Ready to Roller-skate?
A Lucha Rama Edition of Down & Derby is taking place on March 16th at EXDO.


EXDO Event Center
1399 35th Street

Beauty Bar Denver
608 East 13th Avenue