In this day and age, we love to multitask and we love multitasking tools. Our phones are also our day planners, our iPads are also our books and our lipstick is also our lip gloss. I guess it was only a matter of time before our work place doubled as our gym. From what I’ve gathered after living here for a year, Colorado is a fairly healthy state (especially being from North Carolina, where someone told me his favorite vegetable was fried squash). I wasn’t exactly surprised that it was a bunch of Coloradoans concerned about their sedentary lifestyles who have found a way to get off their tooshies while they are at work.

It is called the TrekDesk. The desk fits over almost any treadmill to allow you to walk all day long if you want. There is space for a computer, there are built in file holders and cup holders, a phone stand and a manuscript holder for books or magazines or whatever it is that you read at work. I feel like there is potentially room for some backwards work here, too, for people who think you lose a pound just by thinking about crunches, and you would perhaps find a soda in their cup holder and a bag of Doritos on their desk while they “walk off their weight.” I  would hope there is enough knowledge out there for people to know that in order to actually lose weight, you have to put forth at least a little effort to change your eating habits a tad, but you never know (Anything fried is not a real vegetable. Sorry.)

The mighty machine. Photo from

Aside from helping with weight loss, according to research on the TrekDesk website, this do-it-all contraption will help with concentration, productivity and it’ll keep you caught up on your Zzz’s. All exercise will more or less help in these areas as well, but how many of us put our workouts on the back burner when we’ve got deadlines, meetings and presentations to work on? TrekDesk has got room and the utilities for you to do all of this at the same time, and it’ll make you more efficient. Remember that part in Boy Meets World when Cory walks into the classroom before a test and Topanga is in the middle of a headstand? She says she’s making her blood circulate to her brain or something and it’ll make her think better. Well, this is basically what TrekDesk does, only you’ll be right-side up. With your body constantly moving, you’ll increase your circulation, which, in turn, will wake your brain up, make you more productive and efficient and improve your mood while doing it.

According to the Surgeon General, it is recommended that a person walks ten thousand steps a day, which equals about five miles. I don’t know about you, but even working in retail and being on my feet for a minimum of nine hours a day, I don’t think I walk that much. Think about how much more movement you’d have in your day if you let a TrekDesk in your life. You could get maybe a half mile while you do your makeup, another half mile while you check your Facebook on your other multitasking devices. Why, Miss BeFit could have clocked all five miles while filling you in on this very machine (The steps involved in her writing process is embarrassingly excessive).  Alas, without a TrekDesk of my own, it’s time to hit the gym.