Heavy Rotation: M.I.A. – “Bad Girls”

M.I.A. is back with a video for her newest single “Bad Girls.”

The British/Sri Lankan singer heads to Morocco for the video and gets her James Dean on, letting director Romain Gavris (who also directed the controversial “Born Free”) illustrate one of the many ways that she can “Live fast, die young/bad girls do it well.” Mistah F.A.B. would be put to shame by the vehicular skills in this video.

The song is a typical M.I.A. fare: half-chanted refrains over world-infused beats. Though the song isn’t exactly new it is a departure from the Vicki Leekx mixtape as well as ///Y/ shying away from the grimy, industrial, frenetic pace and reverting back to more of a “Bucky Done Gun” pure-dance feel full of pop sensibility.

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