Photo credit Jonathan M Fields

Going to the airport can be a hassle. For year’s we’ve been hearing about Denver International Airport upgrades, like a nearby hotel complex and some sort of train service. And it finally seems that construction really is in full-swing. In fact, the DIA Arts and Culture Commission saw all the blank walls surrounding the construction sites as an opportunity to be creative and perhaps a way to make airport trips more fun. (Well, maybe not fun, but more beautiful.) The result?

Terminal Kings.

Instead of using standard wooden construction walls, the commission and its sponsors, in partnership with entertainment company Toast & Jam, decided to use lightweight (20-25 pounds) aluminum panels to serve as walls. These are also the canvas upon which three artists—Sam Flores, Highraff and David Choe—will create artistic masterpieces. Each artist will paint a total of eight feet by 100 feet of panel using spray paint and acrylics. With totally different styles, these artists blend urban street and fine art. Hence, the project’s name, Terminal Kings. Toast & Jam’s CEO, Christian Bayley, came up with the name saying that he wanted to showcase the two different art worlds (street and fine), and the term “king” is what you would call someone who was at the top of his craft in street art.
From Jan. 12-21, guests can watch the artists in action at the City Hall event space (1144 Broadway Street) for free from 2-7 pm. Special artistic and musical performances will be taking place at night, and tickets are available at Terminal Kings.

The mobile murals, as they’re called, will be on display at DIA for the next five year—first serving as a beautified blockade for construction and then showcased around the airport as the pieces of art they are.

“I think this is going to be a great asset to the city of Denver,” Bayley says.