I’ve recently had the fantastic opportunity to interview or review a few local authors (more on those books later). Typically, Denver isn’t the first place on most people’s minds when it comes to publishing; but there is actually quite a bit of writing activity going on around here.

I currently have my own “first major literary work” in-progress, which is my fancy way of telling you that I’m embarking on the crazy journey of writing my own first book. And while everything that goes into that seems overwhelming, it’s encouraging to know that other people in my hometown are doing it too.

Denver has more to offer me, as an aspiring writer, than just publishing opportunities or successful role models too. I’ve stumbled upon the names of a few writing clubs and groups in the metro-area that focus on creative writing. Some are casual writing groups that gather for simple discussion and critique. Others meet as serious means to help aspiring book writers with their WIPs (works-in-progress).

Outside of a few college courses, I’ve never really been a part of a group like this; and I’m wondering: have you? Has anyone gone to one of these groups or perhaps another in the area? What are your thoughts on them?

Writers Meet-up (an array of dates and locations)

Lighthouse Writers

Denver Fiction Writers

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

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