As we begin a new year, we are no doubt going to stumble upon new talent. From artists to designers to innovators of all kinds, 303 consistently strives to help uncover Colorado’s undiscovered visionaries. And, in this installment of “Designer Profile” you’ll see why this emerging designer is a real gem.

If you don’t know her yet, you soon will and you should. Lindsay Bloom, the woman behind Bloom Jewelry, is one of Colorado’s most promising designers. Her creative jewelry has appeared in the pages of InStyle and WWD and has been featured on E! Entertainment and the Style Network. A recipient of the Fashion Group International 2011 Rising Star award, Bloom is finally receiving the accolades she deserves after starting her business in 2005.

So what makes Bloom’s baubles so alluring? They offer a unique look, while remaining functional for everyday wear. I had the opportunity to interview Lindsay on her inspiration, her spring collection and how Colorado plays a role in her creations.

 303: How did you begin designing jewelry?
LB: Jewelry design has been a lifelong passion. As a teenager I apprenticed with a jewelry designer on the East Coast where I grew up. That was when I discovered this love, and then, when I moved to LA and found the jewelry and fashion districts, my passion was ignited. I had everything at my fingertips.  Now, many years later, being both designer and entrepreneur is more then I ever expected.
303: In general, what inspires your creations?
LB: Being current with the trends and color palettes for the upcoming season is a very important part of the design process, but my true inspiration lies within the materials I work with. It often starts with one element, component, stone or color story that creates a vision for the line. I travel to New York & Los Angeles Fashion/ Jewelry Districts and top International Gem Shows to find these materials and textures that inspire me. From there, I spend my time working with and designing around these raw materials to figure the perfect way to build the collection.

303: You incorporated pyrite – a huge accessory trend – in your most recent collection. Do you anticipate that geos will be a core material in your future collections?
LB: What I love about Pyrite is the contrast between the raw natural state of the stone with its sparkly yet rough exterior. For Bloom’s Spring Collection 2012, expect to see more pyrite, but paired with unexpected stones such as coral and turquoise.  We find the coral and turquoise add a pop of color to the pyrite and the pyrite adds a fresh approach to traditional turquoise or coral. Too much turquoise or coral can consume and overpower a look, and too much pyrite can get lost with all the bright color for spring. So we think combining the two makes for a great, unexpected balance.
Also for spring, we are heading back to basics bringing forward some of our signature and favorite pieces. Using mostly mixed metals, these pieces are timeless and offer great layering and wardrobe staples.








303: Denver’s style scene is constantly evolving, does that play into your designs and inspiration?
LB: I think the growth in Denver’s style scene over the past seven years that I have lived here is inspiring. There are so many talented designers and artists that seem to be coming to the forefront, getting recognized and putting Denver on the fashion map. Most recently we were part of a design competition put on by Fashion Group International for emerging Colorado designers. From accessories to footwear to bridal to outerwear, I was so impressed by all the talent based here in Denver. It was a really challenging and exciting competition and, at the finale which culminated with a gala event and fashion show with all the finalists designs, Bloom Jewelry was named 2011 Rising Star for Fashion Group International.

303: How do you capture the “Colorado girl” in your designs?
LB: Our designs are always about balance and versatility. I think the Colorado girl lives for this. Take the pyrite necklace as pictured for example. The pyrite stones are rough and raw, each unique and their own. The two-tone chain it is paired with is smooth and uniform. The two balance each other out and thus can be versatile – worn with your favorite torn up jeans and a t-shirt or dressed up with a cocktail dress.

We also launched a new product Bloom Black Ties, (just featured in InStyle magazine) that we think speaks to the Colorado girl. Active and on the go, women are often caught with a black hair elastic on their wrist, we know because we too were guilty. So Bloom created a hairtie that, when on the wrist, looks like a bracelet and when in the hair adds a polished look to your thrown back ponytail. Practical yet stylish, which is what we think embodies the Colorado Girl.

303: Where can people purchase your jewelry?
LB: The Bloom Collection can be found at specialty boutiques nationwide, from Boston to LA, as well as internationally, especially boutiques throughout the Rocky Mountains. Our biggest selection in Denver is offered at Posh, Perfect Petal  and Garbarini. You can also visit our website at


*Photos courtesy of Bloom Designs


Rachel is a Denver native, currently residing in Los Angeles. She has worked for some of fashion’s most recognizable brands and is a devoted fashionista. From trend analysis to street style to what’s next, Rachel has her finger on the pulse. Style is a lifestyle and she is living it.