Rarely, but sometimes, I’ll see a movie before reading the book. And until my husband and I watched the Swedish versions of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movies, I hadn’t really even paid attention to the book series. We streamed all three movies in a weekend, quickly sucked up into the complicated and fast-paced story.

After seeing the movies, I was tempted to pick up the books; but there’s something about reading a story after watching it that’s less satisfying to me. Maybe it’s that I can only see the movie characters as I read, or that pieces of the story are always altered or removed in the theatrical versions; but for whatever reason, temptation did not turn to action, and I’ve still not read the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo books.

But, as luck would have it, I have a second chance. This month, Hollywood is releasing an American version of the first book/movie (whichever you want to claim it’s based on). I’m not sure how closely the new movies will follow the Swedish versions, but this is my chance to read the books first to prepare for the film.

What about you? Did you see the Swedish versions of the films? Will you be watching the American versions as well?

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