Vaporizers: They’re big, they’re noisy, and they often look like medical equipment for serious asthmatics. They’re great, sure, but wouldn’t it be nice to have one you could use discreetly? Try fitting a Volcano in your pocket on the way to hang with your buds; it’s an exercise in futility.

The Iolite WISPR is nothing like that. It’s about the size of a full wallet (or a pack of wide cigarettes) and makes less noise, when activated, than a vibrating cell phone. This vaporizer is named for its sound: a soft whisper. It doesn’t even look like a standard vaporizer. It looks more like… Well, it looks like nothing I’ve ever seen–a little colored box adorned with a simple-but-elegant pattern. On first glance, one might think, “What the hell does that thing even do?”

The WISPR heats “herbs” to around 374° F–right in the middle of the range required to vaporize cannabis–using butane as a fuel source. It takes roughly a minute to get ready, and then you just pull vapor through the small rubber tube, like drinking from a straw. No electricity required.

As vaporizers go, this one is functional. It does what it should and, in that sense, is unremarkable. It’s simple to load and simple to start. The casing is specially designed so that it doesn’t overheat–it warms up and, at times, can feel sweaty, but it’s never too hot to touch. And it will help you get high. You can’t ask for much more from a portable vaporizer.

But the WISPR continues to deliver. It looks unlike any other vaporizer on the market. Its predecessor, the Iolite, matched its portability and nothing else. The WISPR takes the Iolite’s good qualities and improves on the bad. It’s portable, it’s discreet, and it looks… Well, my girlfriend described it as a “vaporizer Jack Donaghy would use.” This is one piece of pothead equipment that can fairly be called “stylish.”

If you want the benefits of vapor without the clunkiness of a vaporizer, the WISPR is worth a look. At $269, it falls in the mid-to-high price range. But if portability, discretion and style are important to you, it’s well worth it. Learn more about the WISPR or order one for yourself on Iolite’s website.

But, because this is the Mile High City, a quick warning: Apparently butane has problems igniting at this altitude. The first night I had my WISPR, it wouldn’t work. I finally found out the butane thing was the source of the problem. Then the next night, it worked just fine, and has ever since. But your mileage may vary.

Austin Wulf is a freelance writer and cannabis activist. Read more of his THC-infused coverage of the pot industry. Want more updates? Follow @Cannabytes303 on Twitter.