Slumming it around the house because nobody invited you out should be a thing of the past with Where’s the Party at?, a new web app for the iPhone and Android. Conceived by local DJ and producer, Nick Smalling, the app aims not only to help people find nightlife events nearby, but also get them to where they’re going–even if they won’t remember how they spent their night by the time the alarm clock goes off.

Courtesy of Where's the Party at?

“I kind of created it mostly because I just didn’t feel there was a  unified place you could go and find music and nightlife events really anywhere–let alone a mobile application. Plus, when you’re out and about and really want to find something to go do, you’re not going to want to try to pull out your laptop or go to some website on your mobile phone,” said Smalling. The app was two years in the making–ultimately being built out by Mutual Mobile and Barton SEO–before launching in the spring of 2011.

For party seekers, WTPA allows users to search for events, shows, and parties within a given radius of their present GPS location, showcases details about the event such as drink specials and special guest performers, and also allows for the purchase tickets within the application. The app isn’t just for the twenty-four hour party people, however–venues, musicians, and promoters can use the platform to push their own events. Everyone  has the option of creating what Smalling calls a “party page” for their event, which can be made public or privatized and iPhone

users can elect to share their event via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text message.


With an estimated 10,000 users worldwide, the app is available for free and event listing is permitted at no cost. “I want it to accessible for everyone. Some of the best music in this country comes from up and coming artists and indie and underground. A lot of times those groups can’t really afford to promote themselves anywhere. They can’t afford what normal advertising would cost them and so by allowing them access to list their gigs for free, it puts them in front of a huge audience all of a sudden,” Smalling said. Presently, banner advertising pays for upkeep of the app and its website.


While WTPA may not have the reach of Westword’s Back Beat section or that of ubiquitous Gigbot, the app one-ups both with its mobile availability and a clean interface–both essential to a positive user experience. It might even make crashing a nearby party easier than asking Siri to marry you.

Where’s the Party at? is currently available for download on the iPhone and Android.