Leaving is the act of separating oneself willingly

The decision to fall from current states of life

Alter your immediate surroundings

Finding possibility lies around the trail as it bends

Leaves flutter vividly in golden showers

Tossing themselves through air and falling down

To rest where they will guide our open hearts

Through pages in this golden aspen air


Altercations drift with the passing breeze

Driving themselves from our fickle minds

Soon these trees hold on to nothing

Battered by the brisk winter winds of nigh

Yet we find joy in the passing seasons folly

We seek passion resting within modes of time

Breathing in the Rocky Mountain autumn

Through pores which open up with rays of light


To bask in the surreal as it is glowing

Leaves one feeling restless and divine

The shadows dancing light beneath our eyelids

The aromatic remains of all the rain

To walk across this softly bedded earth

To feel your feet collide with moments past

There is a solemn sense of wonder

Peaking in the chill air of the night

They whisper of ages we shall never know

Fast turns the process of decay



Saplings grown in transitory phases

Casting shadows in the effervescent dawn

Memories drift loftily and billow

Reminders of things since dead and gone

As each year passes in the twilight

We reach for truth so pure and raw

Falling from our pasts and rushing forward

Spirits flashing soft within a song

The swallow sings for all that want to hear

That we may leave our past to carry on


Location: Kenosha Pass and the Colorado Trail off of Highway 285 South, about an hour’s drive from Golden. The full gallery of pictures can be found below: