Lay your pipes in the hands of this threesome (Seacrest doesn't count)

I’ve always hated the name American Idol. Worship and adulation can be an unintended consequence of being a performer—professional or otherwise—but it is certainly not the sole or even primary goal. Entertainment is the objective, the necessary focus. Idolization happens when individuals who doubt or suppress their own creative instincts live vicariously through an artist who is following his or her bliss to the hilt. I truly believe that everyone and their MILF is capable of being creative, even that’s it’s in our DNA, some just choose to nurture the urge more than others. Sure, I’ve got mad respect for my favorite songwriters and performers, but I’ve never once been starstruck. They’re human just like the rest of us.

Colorado has produced its fair share of reality TV participants. The Silhouettes, runners up on season six of America’s Got Talent, are the most recently noteworthy. Belly dancing duo Kaya and Sadie landed in the top 48 last year. Then there was Mondo on Project Runway. A few have had ties to this very publication, specifically Charlie Price and Matthew Morris of Shear Genius fame. Colorado has even conceived a few Idol hopefuls, including Julie Zorrilla, Emma Henry and Varlet’s Lilly Scott. Fox’s popular talent competition is hunting for a few more this week in Hunter S. Thompson’s old hood. Idol is scheduled to shoot in Aspen this Wednesday and Thursday. The actual judges will allegedly be on hand–albeit for a closed press conference–on day two. J. Lo devotees can aspire to get a glimpse of her infamous ass in the flesh. Steven Tyler admirers might have a chance at a cock feather ground score.

Know any peeps with the pipes to tryout? Force them to read the fine print first.

P.S. What’s with Idol’s logo? News flash: kids don’t even learn cursive in school anymore.

George Peele is an alien musician. He is the also the Music Features Editor for 303’s print edition. Keep your eyes peeled for “Whomp & Circumstance”, October’s profile of dubstep promoter Nicole Cacciavillano.