Happy Hour Watch: Delite

There’s no fussing around when it comes to happy hour at Delite, the hip Broadway lounge sister to the ever-popular Deluxe. Everything on the food menu is a flat-out 50 percent off, with no dish off limits. And none of these are scaled down to fit happy hour prices, either, making 3 to 7 pm on weekdays at Delite one of the city’s best opportunities for a perfect meal steal. Five masa fried oysters, served as shooters with salsa fresca, smoked jalapeño aioli, cilantro and lime—for 6 dollars instead of 12? Make that two orders, please.

Drink specials are no slouch either. Cocktails remain full price, but cans of beer are half off, as well as one red wine and white wine each night. In fact a whole bottle of wine can be yours for $11, making vino-fueled sloshiness as easy to achieve as it comes.

Still, it might be best to keep yourself standing, maybe by putting in an order for the fresh pea and white bean hummus—a mellow, creamy concoction with a portion so hefty you’ll be eating it with a spoon once the pita runs out. If you’re looking for something bolder, go for the truffle potato chips, thin-sliced crisps drizzled in blue cheese sauce and truffle oil, along with a hearty sprinkling of crumbled Maytag blue cheese and chopped Italian parsley. Black bean sopes, spicy Thai beef salad and steamed pork bun sliders are also enticing options.

IMG_1849Truffle oil fans, keep an eye out for the wonderfully gooey and rich mac and cheese. The small cast iron pan is filled to the brim and the pasta topped with panko bread crumbs for contrast and crunch. Share it with a friend or hoard the tender, cheese-enrobed elbows all for yourself: no one will judge.

And if you’re lucky? It’ll be DJ request night, where for a tip and a smile you can hear the tunes of your choice while enjoying your awesome happy hour dinner.

32 South Broadway

Happy hour: Monday–Friday, 3–7 pm

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