Put the words “ball” and “book” together, and I’m in heaven. Is it okay that I’m imagining a Cinderella party where there also are books for sale? Because I’ve got the perfect dress to wear, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, men in books can be pretty perfect dates.

Fantasies aside, the Denver Public Library has announced this year’s Booklovers Ball, to be held Saturday, October 1. The theme isn’t quite as fairytale-esque as I might have pictured–“From the Wild West to the Digital Frontier”–but it is still one of the most anticipated events on Denver’s social calendar and for the second time was just awarded the 2011 ICON People’s Choice Award for “Best Social Event for a Non-Profit.”

The already beautiful downtown library facility will be transformed into a gala venue, featuring nine open bars, a gourmet dinner served among the stacks, and dancing in Schlessman Hall. Ticket prices start at $225 for individual tickets, with tables from $2,000 on up. Junior tickets are available for guests under age 35 for just $150.

For more information or to purchase tickets online, visit www.dplfriends.org.

P.S. I’m reading The Help and I’m just loving it. A chat about that next week.