August 5-6 @ State Bridge

Here’s a pink elephant for you: summer’s coming to a close. It’s August already—just in case you were considering stiffing your super. How many bullets are left uncrossed off on your warm weather to-do list? Is campout festival one of them? Don’t get your panties in a bunch. PinkE Productions’ sixth annual pachyderm-themed soiree gets underway this weekend at State Bridge Lodge (outside of Vail). Party animals on the aural agenda include Robotic Pirate Monkey, DJ Mle, Mansions on the Moon, Bobby C Sound TV, OMEGA, Civiliansound, Thick Chick, Mo:Rockin, Hujje, Wild Bill, Mista Mista, Ape Tit, Gibby, Adam Ross, Bee Kay and more.

Sleep with Mother Nature before it’s too late.