Remember last week when I told you that I really, really love summer? Well, here’s another reason why.

Every weekend I can get in my car, dog in tow, and take a lovely walk through the farmer’s market. For proximity’s sake (and because it’s my favorite), I frequent the farmer’s market on South Pearl Street. The street is flanked with white tents, each one housing a different vendor. There’s goat cheese and flavored olive oils and fresh cut flowers and made-to-order food trucks. But, the real kicker is the fresh grown produce.

It’s true that I can drive less than half a mile to King Sooper’s on any given day of the week and buy tomatoes. The problem is that those tomatoes have probably been sitting in a basket in a refrigerated truck driving from California for longer than I want to think about. If I visit my local farmer’s market on the weekend, I can stock up on a week’s worth of fresh produce that I know was harvested right here in Colorado — which facilitates the most efficient farm to table transition possible without having to grow the fruits and veggies myself.

It’s slim pickings at the markets this early in the season, but that doesn’t give me a reason to stay home. The dog makes friends, I go home with some fresh cut flowers and scope out my favorite farmers for the summer. It’s a meeting place for a breakfast burrito or a cup of coffee at Pajama Baking Company, or it’s a spot to relax and listen to the rotating weekly live music. And, it’s a way to promote sustainable agriculture and protect the environment (bring your own bags!).

So when you’re doing your weekend shopping, just remember that the juiciest fruits and the crispest veggies are right around the corner — and you’ll get a nice little Sunday out of it, too.


Old South Pearl Street Farmerʼs Market

Every Sunday from June 5th to October 30th 9am-1pm

1500 block of Old South Pearl Street


For more information on Colorado farmer’s markets, click here.