By now, you may have heard about the model and photographer search 303 Magazine and Revolution Management are holding. There are a lot of local contests, particularly for models, so you may be wondering what exactly makes ours different. Not only will the winners be published in an upcoming issue of 303 Magazine, but the contestants will be reviewed by our judges, which include top agents locally, nationally, and internationally as well as other industry professionals. If you’ve got what it takes to make it as a professional photographer or a model, our judges have the experience to help you get there. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to be published, but it’s an opportunity to be seen by professional agents in other markets as well.

In support of Denver’s growing and vibrant fashion industry, we want to discover and promote the newest wave of local talent. We want to raise the standard by offering the winners real editorial experience, since being published in a reputable magazine is essential for talent to be taken seriously as a professional model or photographer. Our partnership with Revolution Management allows us to find and develop nationally and internationally competitive talent in modeling and photography. The contest isn’t just about finding the next it girl and the hottest new photographer, it’s about building a stronger, more professional fashion industry in Colorado.

Want to know more? Here are answers to the most common questions we’ve been asked about the contest:

Q: Why is 303 Magazine hosting a model and photographer search?

A: 303 Magazine produces many quality fashion events and shows. Our model and photographer search is a way to raise the bar for the industry by selecting new talent to publish in 303 Magazine and appear in shows.

Q: For models, what kind of photo is best to include with the application?

A: We want a clean, good looking headshot. We want to see what the model really looks like, so light makeup and simple hair with minimal retouching is best.

Q: For photographers, what kinds of photos are you looking for?

A: We want to see a strong portfolio in your chosen category, with at least four images that best represent your body of work.

Q: Why is there a $35 processing fee?

A: The $35 processing fee is to help cover the costs involved with the contest. Many hours of work go into planning, reviewing contestants’ work, and setting up events. There are also many hours of work involved with gathering additional information from contestants, marketing the contest, and maintaining the website.

Q: How will the winners be selected?

A: Winners will be selected by a panel of judges including local, national, and international professionals in the modeling and photography industries and will be selected based on their potential to become successful models and photographers in their category of choice.

Q: Who are the judges?

A: 303 Magazine Fashion Team, Revolution Management and representatives from Donna Baldwin Talent with photo and modeling agents across the globe TBA. We will announce individual judges shortly. You won’t be disappointed.

Q: What are the judges looking for?

A: For models, a look and body type that is marketable for their chosen category. For photographers, a great eye and skill are key. Judges are looking for models and photographers who display a high level of potential to become competitive in the industry.

With the whole summer ahead of us to sort through contestants and find stellar new talent, I’ll be updating weekly with info on contest events and introductions to our fabulous judges. Now don’t be shy, submit your photos or suggest our contest to a talented friend!