Event Horizon: Pridefest Special Edition Release Party @ Exdo

"Crosstitute" (makeup: Lillian Marsh, img: Randall Bellows)

My sexual orientation has been called into question many times over the years. I love women, but I refuse to identify myself as a straight man. Words shape our realities, and “straight” simply isn’t a label my “sextremely” open-minded artist self wants to wear. Yes, I generally prefer the company of women. I also occasionally wear women’s clothing (part of my job as a singing telegram messenger). I also used to work at Tracks. And I’ve definitely kissed a man before (a “high-risk” behavior in the eyes of blood banks FYI). Traditional gender roles are mostly the product of social conditioning, IMO. As a full-time artist of multiple disciplines, I would much rather create my own original identity from scratch, completely oblivious of society’s “sexpectations.” Maybe I’m rebelling against traditional gender roles for rebellion’s sake, but good artists make people think. Sometimes I like to challenge others’ expectations by wearing head-to-toe pink. On a related note, legalizing gay marriage certainly isn’t going to tarnish an already ailing institution any further. The popularity of civil unions in France could soon eclipse that of getting hitched. I’m all for it.

303 has long been a GLBT-friendly publication. Considering we’re fashion-focused, and the fashion industry wouldn’t be what it is without queer talent, it makes sense. Still, Denver’s Pridefest is one of the biggest in the country, and this is the first time we’ve curated a special edition of the mag completely dedicated to the event. Pridefest doesn’t go down til June, but our Pridefest Edition Release Party happens this Thursday, May 26 at Exdo Event Center. Shear Genius Season 2 runner-up Charlie Price is at the helm. Pridefest organizer The Center is involved as well.

“The theme of the fashion show is sailors–women in suits and men in underwear. Fox 31’s Chris Parente is emcee and there will be drag queens too,” promises Price.

Demolish the closet—and let your freak flag fly.

May 26th @ Exdo

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