Fashion Fridays – Chic Geek Squad

We may live in the age of tech, but technology and fashion aren’t exactly synonymous. However, as of late, it seems little is as fashionable as technology. Last month the iPad 2 launched, and sold out nearly immediately. Tech is all of a sudden trendy. Bloggers need it to report instantaneously from the streets. Editors need it to document fashion shows. And designers are using it to help create those coveted collections.

If having the latest and greatest technology wasn’t enough for fashion creators and followers, designers are helping to dress up latest i-whatever with couture covers and cases. From Chanel to Michael Kors to Jimmy Choo, fashions most elite are accessorizing all our glamorous gadgets. While much of the tech clothing is affordable, some of it runs upwards of $1000 (more than the actual item!).

Check out some of this season’s trendiest tech toy cases and accessories below. Many embrace spring’s clothing trends like bold colors, animal prints and dynamic textures.

Talk about going from geek to chic.

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