I doubt that you can drive a quarter mile in this city and not find a place to pick up a sammy for lunch. Apparently, we Americans are chowing down on sandwiches at an increasingly higher rate. I even saw on the news recently that Subway has surpassed McDonald’s by one thousand stores. But in a sea of the usual suspects, how can a sandwich shop stand out?

The answer to that question is nestled in a modest abode on 6th Ave at Mr. Lucky’s Sandwiches.

I first tasted Denver’s best sandwich while I was moving out of my apartment on Capitol Hill. (And as I’m sitting here writing this, I’m cursing myself for not knowing this place existed for the two years I lived in its shadow of greatness.) Being a girly weakling, I commissioned the boyfriend to perform the lovely task of moving all the large items out while I was at work. Well, I suppose he got hungry and took a lunch break. When I returned home that evening, not only was all my furniture moved out without me having to lift a finger, but there was half a sandwich from Mr. Lucky’s in my refrigerator. Talk about lucky.

It was the Mad Cow – rare roast beef  and provolone cheese, stacked with the usual lettuce, onion and tomato, and then sauced up with spicy brown mustard and horseradish mayonnaise. A roast beef and provolone sandwich with horsey sauce is a standard. But the spicy brown mustard plus the horseradish, gives you this nose-tickling spicy sensation that perfectly accompanies the hearty meat and creamy cheese. You’d think that would be enough to dub this the best sandwich in town, but Mr. Lucky’s does not stop with the guts of their sandwiches. This meaty masterpiece is adorned by the best French baguette I’ve tasted outside of New Orleans. City Bakery, Denver’s largest bread supplier, is the source of the crunchy outside of Mr. Lucky’s sandwiches. I wonder if they could also supply my pantry?

Mr. Lucky’s has all of the regulars – the club, the BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato), the Italian – but transforms a typically average lunch item into a mid-day party in your mouth. Their fresh ingredients are what draw me in. That, and the upfront advertisement about seven strips of bacon and half an avocado on that BLAT. I’ve got no shame when it comes to bacon…

They’ve just doubled the size of their shop, allowing for seating area which used to be non-existent. It’s a true hole in the wall, but definitely one worth visiting.

Last week, I begged you to get some Sweet Action.This week…Get Lucky.

Check out their menu here.