Saturday 3/19 @ Sherman Street Event Center

News flash: Western music isn’t the end-all-be-all. The Beatles knew it. So did Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel. Not to mention Talking Heads’ David Byrne. These days, CA-based David Starfire is turning a whole new generation onto world music via his electronica-infused hybrid. It’s belly dance music for the digital age. Bollyhood Bass, his latest on Six Degrees Records, is a mash-up of wobble, sitar, beat-boxing, Beatles, dubstep, freestyle and more. Starfire flies into the Mile High club this Saturday, March 19, courtesy Unify, a Burner-organized gathering at The Sherman Street Event Center. Govinda, Jef Stott and Boulder’s Jamie Janover will join him.

Unify is a unique undertaking for a number of reasons. More than just a mere party, it’s an interactive conference for conscious individuals. Musicians wishing to participate can sign up for the Organix Community Sound Session. The open door policy extends to interested vendors, as long as their wares are artistic and/or beneficial. Education and inspiration won’t be in short supply. Shari Billger will be leading a workshop on sacred geometry, Emotional Freedom Technique and more. Janover is slated to present on The Unified Field Theory. Live painters, stilt walkers and more will enliven the space as well.

Oh, and water won’t be too expansive either, as Eldorado is hooking it up.