Tuesday @ Lannie's

Never been to a Sex party before? Don’t get your panties in a bunch, this week’s Lannie’s-hosted soiree won’t be packed with swingers in the midst of an orgy. Instead, you’ll get a variety show that includes mesmerizing belly dance, ball jugglin’, one of Denver’s finest burlesque teasers, comedy music courtesy Filipino hormone ball Sammy T and I and host Naughty Pierre—in one of The Mile High’s all-time finest venues. The event is meant to celebrate the release of our February Sex Issue, which just dropped last week. The issue is chock full of primo content, including pieces on Devotchka, dermal piercing and, of course, sex. If you’ve never been to Lannie’s before, I weep unicorn tears for you. Tucked in the basement of the D&F Clocktower on 16th Street Mall, Lannie’s is like a time machine with its course set for The Moulin Rouge. Last year’s fete featured the cutest Cupcake Girl this side of the Colorado River, along with complimentary condoms galore and a smoldering blues number by the cabaret’s namesake, Lannie Garrett. It was “sexceptional”. We promise.

Come to our Sex party. You know you want to.