Have you heard of Greenway University? The first of its kind here in Colorado, Greenway is a state-approved higher-learning institution centered on the study of medical marijuana, from law to business to cultivation. They offer classes like “MMJ Business Fundamentals 101” and “History of Hemp” and provide certification as a “Bud Tender” or “Master Grower”. Greenway even have their own MBA program–that’s Marijuana Business Administration.

The University comprises a two-day class event, happening this weekend here in Denver. Prospective students can register for the event on Greenway’s website. Group officials say that students will leave the weekend event prepared to enter the medical marijuana industry, whether they want to open a dispensary or start a cultivation operation. Greenway University’s curriculum is designed to be state compliant, meaning those certified will know how to follow the law in their endeavors.

This event has previously been offered in California, home to the similar Oaksterdam University. Both organizations hope to start a trend of professionalism in the growing MMJ industry by educating folks on relevant law and practices. Later this month, Greenway will open its doors to students in Scottsdale, Arizona, offering their pot-centric courses to a new market of enthusiasts and potential care providers.

Like other universities, Greenway requires a registration fee for their courses, but according to previous students, it’s worth it. Graduates say the class was both informative and a great networking opportunity. The faculty and staff are made up of industry professionals with backgrounds in the respective fields, from the business end to the law end to cultivation. Greenway fills a gap of education on a very new industry and hopes to continue their services as more states draft medical marijuana legislation.