Cannabytes: Will magic brownies pull a disappearing act?

A new bill aims to do away with medical marijuana edibles. The bill, introduced to the Colorado House of Representatives on Wednesday, would outlaw the manufacture and sale of all pot-infused foods. These medical edibles are essential to those patients who cannot or will not smoke their medicine and would prefer a healthy alternative.

The idea of edible marijuana conjures up images of Cheech and Chong eating “magic brownies” in the minds of many a voter. But actually, medical marijuana edibles (or “medibles”, to some) are the only way for many patients to ingest medical pot. Although typically smoked, pot can also famously be combined with fats to produce edible THC. This presents a viable, healthy alternative to smoking, which can cause emphysema and other throat and lung problems.

One patient, who chose to remain anonymous for personal reasons, had this to say: “I have chronic asthma problems. I can smoke if I have to, but it’s painful and difficult. Pot brownies [and other edibles] available are a lifesaver for me.” No patient should go without care, whether he can smoke his medicine or not.

This anti-edibles bill will probably put a damper on the plans of California entrepreneurs Soquel, who have created a marijuana-infused soft drink they plan to release here in Colorado next month. Their Canna Cola would offer a fresh alternative to the wealth of edible pot products available now, from the stereotypical brownies and cookies to the out-there salsa and lollipops.

A public hearing on the bill has been set for March 1. Until that time, you can call or e-mail the House Judiciary Committee members and urge them to vote “no” on HB 11-1250. For more information, including a full contact list of the committee members, visit the Cannabis Therapy Institute.

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