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Every day is Halloween when you’re a messenger that sings. For the non-singing telegram messengers out there, Halloween is the one “holidaze” where it’s socially acceptable to dress like a prostitute. Or a tabloid headline. Or Lady Gaga. Peruse October’s Hair Issue if you’re still dying for ideas. Below are a few of the Mile High’s most killer parties.

Halloween Warm-Up


Sneaker Prom @ 303 | Agency

Dress shoes are not dancing shoes. Can’t grind in high heels? Neither can Mu$a, which is why he conceived this fancy party for comfortable footwear. Dress code for guests is formal attire with athletic kicks. Mu$a was featured in May’s Music Issue for good reason—he’s spent two decades behind the decks. At Sneaker Prom, he’ll man the 1’s and 2’s decked to the nines. Chonz owns opening duties.


Denver Zombie Crawl @ 16th Street Mall

Denver zombies have something besides brains on their minds: Guinness. The Denver Zombie Crawl has growth spurted exponentially since Daniel Newman first began organizing it four years ago, but this year’s bash just might slay the world record. “Thriller” choreography (keep your eyes peeled for Zombie Michael Jackson, in the undead flesh), local band Widow’s Bane and even an official after party at City Hall are all on the menu. Grey matter too, as usual.

Bassnectar & guests @ ‘1st Bass’

Go 2 1st Bass with 'Nectar

Lorin Ashton wants you to go to 1st Bass with him. While waiting in a 6,500 person kissing booth line just might be worth it to neck with Bassnectar, 1st Bass is actually Ashton’s first self-curated arena show. Rear end into low end? Subsonic nonsense make pristine sense? Bassnectar’s music is partially inspired by the earthquake that hit his San Francisco’s whomping grounds in 1989. Consequently, seismic activity-capable woofers are never in short supply when ‘Nectar’s on deck.

Victorian Fetish Ball @ Diamond After Dark

Scantily-clad ladies are omnipresent on Halloween, but the horniest ones, and we’re not talking head protrusions, will be here. Get knotty at Kevin Larson’s umpteenth annual ode to all things “sexhibitionist.” Rubber Doll is the belle of this Ball, and many of its patrons’ pockets will be fittingly outfitted with proper protection. S&M FTW.


Devil’s Night


Hallow Freak’n Ween @ 1st Bank Center

Get freaky with the frequencies at Triad Dragons’ annual Devil’s Night bash. Costumes are common at raves all year round (see recent Westword blog “Raver Girls and You”), but Halloween is guaranteed to up the roll-play ante. Speaker leeches, “prostitots” and glowstick ninjas will be joined by undead mouses, Jersey dorks and more prostitots. Keep your eyes peeled for Pan and the rest of Team Easy.

Haunted Hotel @ Marriott DTC

If you’ve ever gotten too drunk to distinguish actual cops from costumed ones, you should probably consider getting a room. Besides, who wants to perform a roadside sobriety test when they could be performing in bed? This hotel takeover sold out last year, thanks to promoter pros like Kevin Larson and The Health Center’s JJ Walker. Tickets are going quick again. A grand goes to the best disguise, but, unless you’re going as a “Hallowiener”, you ain’t got a money shot in Hell.

Not The Stanley Hotel

Hollywood Halloween @ 303 | Agency

In case you hadn’t heard yet, we at 303 recently relocated our offices to the former Zen Lounge building across from The Beauvallon. Throwing parties is part of our business. Having a space to do so regularly helps. We’re partnering with The GLBT Center for this Tinseltown-themed shindig. You might have noticed the silver screen-inspired spread in this month’s Hair Issue. Take a cue from our do shoot and get your follicles to Hollywood.

Leia gettin' her hair did (img: Melanie Watson)

All Hallow’s Eve


Glitch Mob @ The Fill-morgue

Nod your head to hip-hop but hate its oft-misogynist agenda? The Glitch Mob is for you. Bassed in Angel City, this beat-wielding threesome recently abandoned their laptops for a live band format. Good thing they didn’t abandon their ability to floor a dance floor. Beats Antique, belly dance music for the digital age, warms it up.

Trick or Vote w/ Z-Trip @ The Ogden

Halloween falls just two days before midterm elections this year. New Era Colorado is seizing the opportunity to knock on doors already eager for trick-or-treaters. Those who canvass in costume will reap a reward besides candy and karma—free entry to Z-Trip that evening. From remixing politics to the mash-up master. Not too shabby.

Poli-tricks as usual? Not exactly

Ween @ 1st Bank Center

Ween is easily one of the weirdest bands of all time. Still, they’ve somehow managed to amass a massive following, despite zero mainstream love. From the Spongebob Squarepants contribution “Loop de Loop,” to their Weeds offering “You Fucked Up,” Ween have proven they can do everything from rug rat tunes to adult ones. Check out the explicit version of their rejected Pizza Hut jingle, “Where’d the Mother Fuckin’ Cheese Go At?” Trust me on this.

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