This week I had the opportunity to meet several people who literally have THE coolest jobs in the world. Denver’s flagship REI store in LoDo hosted a media event showcasing the new 2011 line of REI gear as well as presenting REI Adventures’ new lineup of truly amazing adventure trips. A few of the adventure guides and people from REI’s corporate offices in Seattle traveled to Denver to share their stories, and plenty of information to make even the most sedentary couch potato excited about a cycling trip in the Loire Valley.

I’ve chatted with several friends and acquaintances who have taken trips of the sort and have come back “changed.” It’s like these individuals “found themselves” during their adventures. Perhaps the adult version of Outward Bound, only with good food, wine and comfy sleeping arrangements? Regardless, I’ve been toying with the idea of a cycling or hiking trip someplace far, far away. And, after listening to the REI folks’ presentations, I might just have to travel with them.

I also thoroughly enjoyed imagining myself as one of these adventure guides, spending many weeks a year traveling to and from some of the most beautiful and breathtaking locales our world has to offer. One day…?

Have any of you 303 readers gone on an adventure trip like this? If so I’d love to hear about it. If not, definitely check out what REI has to offer. Their 2011 lineup is pretty kick ass.

Happy Friday!

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