Life is rough. The day to day can be an awful grind when it comes to working for the man, paying bills, or fighting with bastard insurance companies for healthcare coverage you already paid for but aren’t getting. And all around you, material things continue to break down as they hasten toward inevitable entropy, adding to the gigantic money suck that is this American life. Well, at least the paparazzi have never heard of me–now that’s something.

But, really, what is a sane, sensitive human being to do in the midst of such decrepitude? I was at a loss until Juliet left me with the twins this afternoon to run a mysterious errand. She returned with some sweet new threads for us to wear out on the town tonight. We don’t often get a chance to go out between our schedules, our long distance relationship (60 miles) and her three (wonderful!) kids. But when the call comes to go out to the club and shake ur kitty, we heed it. Because sometimes, at the end of the day, all that’s left to do is just have fun with the one you love.