I live for fashion, art and design. Every day of life should begin with a running start toward inspiration and beauty. And so I try my best to sprint toward my ideals each and every chance I get. My girlfriend, Juliet, is down with this plan and we paint the town red or shop for badass clothes whenever we get the opportunity. But more often that not we spend evenings deconstructing Disney films with her two and a half year old twins, or trying on every hat in her extensive fedora collection and painting fake beards on everyone in the household with her eleven year old son’s theatre camp makeup. Whether it’s Goorin Bros or The Grinch, we do our best to celebrate the artistry. (Honestly, you have to do something to make it interesting when watching The Grinch for the thirty-second time in two weeks).

Beauty is everywhere, even the most unlikely places. Beware of falling into the supermassive black hole of soul-sucking, artless existence. Find new eyes and see the world in all of its splendor–hanging out with little kids helps a lot with this. Mirabile visu (wonderful to see)!