It’s the weekend, summer is in full-swing and so is the art in Denver right now. There is so much to see right now that it can be pretty overwhelming, here are a few recommendations:

1. Moore in the Gardens: I’m going on record on saying that this is the most important art exhibition in Denver this summer. The late Henry Moore is the iconic 20th century English sculpture who is probably the most celebrated sculptor of his time and the modernist movement. His massive large-scale sculptures are on display throughout the gardens in the first major, open-air Moore exhibition in the Western United States, and the gardens make a perfect backdrop for this show.

Moore in the Gardens

2. Energy Effects: Art and Artifacts From the Landscape of Glorious Excess The MCA is hosting is a large-scale exhibition exploring the relationship between energy and aesthetic power. Word on the street is they have a full-size working model of the world’s first particle accelerator…what? I got to check this out.

Energy Effects

3. Ravi Zupa “The Pyre” – My favorite vegitarien restaurant is WaterCourse. If you have been there, I’m sure that you could not help but notice the beautiful artwork that covers it’s walls, well Ravi Zupa is responsible for that, and he took over Illiterate gallery by covering the walls with over 80 pieces of paintings, installation and sculpture.  One of the reason there is so much going on is because of the Biennial of the Americas, be sure to check out the exhibitions schedule on the Biennial’s website.