After reading Blake Crouch’s Snowbound I imagine myself as a hero suddenly faced with a moral quandary. On one shoulder a wee red devil, toting a tiny pitchfork nit-picking the negatives. On the other, a cherubic angel singing praises for the intense roller coaster ride Snowbound presents. It is ultimately the words of the angel that resonate in my mind and I finally comprehend the true glory of Snowbound.

Snowbound will keep you reading into the wee hours of the morning, until you reach that final chapter, disappointed not by the novel but because there is simply no more to read.

To learn more about local colorado author, Blake Crouch click here. Also check out Crouch’s previous novel Abandon. Abandon made me actually consider going to check out one of Colorado’s 500 ghost towns, but then again, the black people always seem to die first…so I passed.