DJ Lea Luna

Playing with words is in Lea Luna’s blood.  Little is known about the Denver singer/songwriter/DJ’s biological father, she was conceived in a Manhattan sperm bank, except that he was a grad student in the writing department at Yale (and apparently hard up for cash). Although her mother just revealed this detail on Mother’s Day, Luna’s been putting ink to paper for as long as she can remember.

“I still remember the poetry contest my kindergarten boyfriend won. I even remember the poem verbatim. I’ve always fraternized with people who had bigger vocabularies ’cause I’ve always been into puns and language. When I was going through my more painful, adolescent, rebellious phase in high school, writing was my outlet. Most people write in diaries; I wrote poetry and lyrics. I still have fifty or sixty books worth.”

Plenty of pubescent teens are prolific poets, but recent Beatport action proves Luna’s got a penchant for the pen (not to mention the pun). “Thrill of the Chase” and “Leaving for Mars”, each sprung from their beat labs earlier this spring, both registered on their respective genre charts. B.Rich, headlining Luna’s birthday weekend kickoff tonight at Cervantes, is behind the dubstep re-rub of the latter. Although his remix is one of Luna’s most successful releases to date, B.Rich is but one of a veritable laundry list of collaborators and producers that includes Mike Hiratzka, Cold Blank, Mike Balance and Soren LaRue, along with locals Jontron, Silas Mera and pianist Michael Scherr. plans to give everyone and their MILF the opportunity to rework Luna’s tune “Mo’ Money” soon.

“Upcoming, I get to work with Quivver and a producer at Universal Records. I’m more stoked about working with a Universal producer than I’ve been stoked about anything in my entire life.”

In the meantime, birthday spankings are in order. Don’t forget Luna’s Self-Inflicted tag team partner Adam Consigli.