“It’s been two years,” says Carrie Bradshaw in first line of the new Sex And The City 2 trailer and I have been waiting patiently for the newest installment. Despite the series ending when I was barely old enough to understand the concept of sex, SATC has changed more than just one generation. Did anyone take a look around while they were in the theater for the first SATC film? There was no defining age group. There were women in their forties all the way down to girls barely able to purchase a ticket on their own…and the gay men, don’t get me started on the throngs of gay males flooding the theater (although a majority of them might have only been there to catch a glimpse of Mr. Gilles Marini’s manhood…)

Director Michael Patrick King

Although the plot of the second film is still very much hidden, we do know a few things. It’s been two years since the first film, Stanford gets married, Miranda is still boring and overworked, Charlotte is having difficulties being a mother, Samantha is still having wild crazy sex, Carrie and Big are becoming blah, and all four of the girls head to Abu Dhabi where Carrie runs into Aidan. Sounds alright. But if you think about it are these women finally getting too old for our attention?

The ladies of Sex and the City

In a recent interview with Vogue, Sarah Jessica Parker shared her thoughts on the new film and the age question.

“We’re still playing, uh, I don’t know how old Carrie is! Is she about 42 now? I think Carrie’s younger than I [Parker is 45], and Miranda and Charlotte are younger than they are in real life. Samantha was always the older lady, so she’s 52 now and talks a lot about what comes with that. In the movie. Talks about menopause. Comedically.”

So…are we all still interested in the lives of these women? Are these the new Golden Girls? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be at the premiere waiting with anticipation but deep down I’m beginnng to wonder…how much more is there to tell? Will the rumored SATC 3 be the final chapter?

With everyone finally settling down (Carrie with Big, Charlotte with Harry, Miranda with Steve, Stanford with Anthony and well Samantha was always immune to monogamy) and all the other temptations finally out of the picture, I think one more installment in the series should be enough…but that’s just me. What do you think?

Sex and the City 2 hits theaters Thursday May 27, 2010.

Before I close, check out these retro shots of the girls before they grew into their individual style:

Personally, I think Miranda looks the worst...

Even back then Samantha looks devious...


In case you didn’t already know, it seems that Carrie’s flamboyant gay friend Stanford and Charlotte’s homosexual confidante Anthony are getting hitched, in an over the top, gay wedding with a special appearance by Liza Minnelli who will be supposedly singing a rendition of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. Does anyone else think that Stanford and Anthony are weird? And what happened to Marcus…?