So first and foremost, The Odd Couple must apologize for our recent lack of postings, though I’m sure our readers out there will forgive us. Now, on to the topic at hand.

Last week, this half of the Odd Couple (I, Noah Lee Jordan…the single and lonely half of the Odd Couple) cracked. I cracked. While cruising the bookstore hoping to snag a new copy of any magazine, I ran smack into Lauren Conrad’s latest novel, Sweet Little Lies, the follow-up to her best-selling novel L.A. Candy (you know the book that is pretty much her life on paper–but not).

For a moment I just stood there, contemplating should I buy it or should I walk away and not think twice about it? Well, I bought it and I read it (nuff said) but then I got to thinking how are there so many struggling, talented writers out there (we here at 303 Magazine receive quite a few books from local authors…and some of them are actually really, really good) and yet somehow by being on an MTV reality documentary and writing it all down on paper (not very well) she was rewarded with not just a single book deal, but a three book deal…wtf?!?! It honestly just makes me sad.

Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad....blah

Then I got to thinking about all the other unqualified reality show stars that just up and decided they want to do something else. Think about it…I mean on The Real Housewives of Orange County one thinks she can just wake up and start a make-up line, the other walks around pimping her bracelet line through her daughters. Or what about the women of Atlanta…two just suddenly decided to be designers, another well let’s just say she didn’t want to be “Tardy for the Party” (You gotta love the token in the group…Kim Zolciak). The list goes on and on…

I personally know plenty of people that have had very interesting, painful, crazy lives outside of television crews…where’s their three book deal? Where’s their new fashion line? Where’s their music contract? Being an aspiring writer, I would like to believe that if I were given a three book deal from a premiere publishing house, I could come up with something called fiction that wasn’t just my own life– with the names and jobs replaced.

It seems these days being on television, if only for a brief second, can and will get you just about anything. So my advice for everyone…find yourself the nearest reality casting call, get on the show and then pursue whatever dream you choose (even if you aren’t qualified.) Cause once you’ve been on television, who says you can’t be an astronaut? Who says you can’t start you’re own fashion line? Who says you can’t run for president? Who says you can’t write a novel? I mean c’mon you’ve been on TV, you are qualified to do anything and anyone that says otherwise is just jealous.

Well if you don’t hear from me for a while, check at any of your local reality show casting calls. Maybe one day The Odd Couple will have their own show on VH1, For the Love of Odd (oh wait, Sarah’s already found love, well she can be my BFF and confidante.)