EIC: Aphrodisiacs Part 2: Figs



Other than the fact that figs definitely look like vag, they are in our aphrodisiac category for a reason.

So let me back track for a second and reiterate how amazing this dish at Rioja was. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about…I ate sweet goat cheese and fig beignets) YUM!

So, what makes figs sexy? The fig is one of the oldest known plants, for starters. And…apparently, the fig was Cleopatra’s favorite fruit and she is the queen and sexy (right?). The fig is, typically, associated with fertility, so that bodes well for it, although I wouldn’t bank on a diet of figs to help with child creation…

I also read online that, “The breaking open of a fig and eating it in front of your lover is said to be a powerful erotic act, so be sure to eat figs with your fingers for the most sensuous effect.” Wonder who wrote that…but sure, sounds hot I suppose? (Although that could probably be said of any fruit.)

The things about figs is, when it comes to this fruit, its aphrodisiac qualities are on the outside, not the nutrients that lie within.

If, on a side note, you are looking for other fig-based dishes, here are some awesome places to enjoy the sensual fruit:

1. Encores Fig n’ Pig Flatbread pizza


2. Red Square’s Fig Infused Vodka




3. Bones‘ Bone Marrow and Fig Compote

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