I’m going to take this opportunity to give one of my favorite restaurants a bit of attention. The Bagel Deli is my favorite place in Denver to go for breakfast at lunch time. The staff is incredibly friendly. You even get to know the owner, as he’s in almost every day, behind the counter. It’s a kosher deli, so if you were hoping for bacon with your eggs, you’ll be disappointed. The corned beef hash, though, is absolutely amazing.

I usually get the Meat & Eggs breakfast (only $5.95!) with corned beef hash and eggs over easy. It comes with potatoes and an amazing bagel (with cream cheese), and everything is cooked to perfection every time. There’s no better place to grab a booth and enjoy a meal with a friend. Their bagel, sandwiches and soups are also amazing, so if you’re hungry, give a family owned Denver business a try.