This week’s Cheaper Side is about dance lessons. This is probably the  last topic I should be writing about, as I am a terrible dancer. I wish I  had two left feet. If I have rhythm, it matches up with no known  musical genre in existence. That being said, I know a good deal and a  good time when I see one. I took my girlfriend to The Mercury Cafe for  swing lessons on Sunday night. It’s only $8, and the price of the lesson  includes admission for the live swing band that plays for two to three  hours after the lesson.

The dance instructor is thorough and friendly. Her #1 rule is, “Don’t criticize your dance partner– Unless they’re hurting you.” She has a partner to dance with each week and show you how the professionals do it. Usually there’s a lot of joking around, like this gem: “Keep pressure on your partner like there’s a hundred dollar bill between your hand and her back.” If you don’t have somebody to bring, feel free to come stag and meet some people.  The single boys and girls rotate and spend about five minutes with each partner. I got to dance with a 75 year old lady when I came a few months ago. If you bring somebody and want to keep them all to yourself, there’s no need to trade.

The Mercury Cafe also offers structured dance lessons (building on the previous lesson for one month) on weekdays: Lindy Hop Tuesdays, Salsa Wednesdays, and Jitterbug Thursdays. They cost (I think) $30 for a month of weekly lessons. Check out their calendar for a full listing of events at the Mercury Cafe. For a more comprehensive offering of dance classes, check out Turnverein. Their classes are also pretty affordably priced, generally $7-10 for non-members. So get out there and dance!