A lot of people think of mojitos as a summer drink. I disagree. Any time, any where, any season, I can’t get enough of mint, limes, rum and sugar. Granted, sitting on a patio in the heat of June with an iced cocktail is awesome, but at the right price in the right place, nothing will stop me from uttering the words to my server, “I’ll have another when you get a chance.”

8 Rivers LoDo

8 Rivers LoDo

In a shameless plug at self promotion, I work at 8 Rivers LoDo and think that their happy hour deal is one that should not be missed. From 4:30-6:30 you can get a pitcher of Tommy Bahama Mojitos or the house-special dirty mojito (made with dark rum and brown sugar) for $20. For $20 you can get ham-boned in a Bob Marley-esque restaurant while listening to Buena Vista Social Club.

A beautiful night on Root Down's patio


Root Down, if you can a seat is a close second from 4:30-7 on weekdays. Not because of the size of the drinks, they are modest but strong, but because of the price and the apps. $4 mojitos and mussels, sliders, artichoke hearts or fries for under $6. I would just get there early if you can cause otherwise, there is no seating.


Mynt Mojito Lounge

Have you been to Mynt..I mean it’s called Mynt Mojito Lounge for goodness sake so it’s gotta be good right? Happy hour has $14 pitchers or $4 glasses of mojitos that come in mango, strawberry, Hawaiian and more….use your imagination and then check it out, you’ll find that Mynt’s got your imagination beat.

Know of any good cheap mojitos? Let me know! I am always down for a new spot…or two.
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