Bonjour! This week I’m in Paris and I am truly in fashion nirvana every time I’m here, although this week especially. The Spring 2010 Haute Couture shows just wrapped up and fashion is resonating in the air.

When I think of French fashion, I immediately think chic, sophisticated, decadent and black. While an edgier side to Parisian fashion has emerged, the classic and conventional still reigns supreme. When strolling the cold and rainy streets the past couple of days, I saw definite trends, or rather style standards for the French culture – fur, black jackets, Chanel bags, flat boots; however, there were some newer ideals, like animal prints, chunky scarves and colorful sneakers.

The older generation is remaining true to the known French aesthetic, while the younger generation is embracing a funkier look that reminds me of London punk.

When I’m studying fashion I try to look beyond just clothes. I captured a stunningly opulent chandelier today, which I thought mirrored the idea of “old” French style well. I also saw a quite stylish Smart car painted in a camouflage motif, representing the new generation of rebellion and novelty. This dichotomy of French fashion makes it interesting and evolutionary.

I wasn’t able to capture many great shots, as it has been rainy and cold, but the general themes will be obvious. Enjoy some of my personal snapshots. Au revoir.