Sounds From the Underground: Denver’s Expanding House Scene is Here to Stay

Given its status as the “Bass Capital” of the US, many don’t know Denver also has a dominant house music scene that is equally alive and thriving. Not only are there various house and techno-focused events in and around Denver each weekend, but more and more house-centric festivals and larger-scale events are being thrown in in Denver, aiming to cater to the ever-expanding house scene here. This summer, there is certainly no shortage of events for househeads, deep techno lovers, and shuffler dancers everywhere in Colorado. House music was once an underground art for the outcasts of the world yet Denver has seen it rapidly growing in popularity in recent years with the growth of the state’s electronic music scene.

Regenerate Festival

Regenerate, one of Denver’s beloved local festivals, took place again early this June after its massive debut success last year. The two-day event was held at Civic Center Park the weekend of June 7-8th and featured massive headliners, including John Summit, Eric Prydz, Gorgon City, Ben Bohmer, and Disco Lines, just to name a few. The newer powerhouse event hosted by 128 Productions (who are no strangers to throwing insane parties throughout the state) was another massive hit this year as house and techno music expanded into the grassy pavilion within Civic Center Park, essentially located in the heart of Denver. Last year’s event similarly featured massive house and techno headliners, including, but not limited to, Camelphat, Charlotte de Witte, and the EDM-icon Diplo. Houselovers rejoice: not only was music production thriving at this event with 808’s and 4-on-the-floor’s loud as can be, but the event was also massive and filled with three stages, a wall of food trucks and event vendors, plenty of room to shuffle and dance throughout the park and was ultimate good vibes for music lovers of all ages. 

Regenerate kicked off the summer for Denver house music lovers for sure, but following this massive weekend, as promised, there is certainly no shortage of 120-BPM tunes to go around. If the outdoor festival scene isn’t really your thing, never fear — Denver’s house music scene continues to grow and there are options around Denver every weekend for house lovers of all kinds. Bar Standard hosts incredible house and techno-themed events nearly every week, either on the main floor of the club or in the “Bass-ment.” Vinyl’s notorious event, STEAM Thursdays, has been around for years and only continues to grow and expand in popularity. If the underground club scene is more of your vibe, Bar Standard has you covered every week. 

The Church Nightclub

The Church Nightclub in Denver has also thrown massive house parties throughout the past two years since its Global Dance family takeover. Every Friday, you can usually find a good mix of house music and techno/big room-style music if you’re seeking a refresher from their bass-filled Thursday nights. The Church is always a great place to stop by, especially due to its proximity to Temple Denver. Denver House Music Takeover takes place at Temple on Friday, July 5th and features local house music talent Mike Remedy, Macefacekilla, Cam Smith and Beckley & Krootz. If you can’t make this one, be sure to check out housemusic icon and Deadmau5 (Mau5trap) signee, NoMana on July 19th. 

Beacon Denver

If you’re thinking of keeping the night quieter and just want to cruise around the Denver bar scene instead of hitting a concert or a show, Beacon Denver is becoming one of RiNo’s top local dive-bar/club bars. Featuring local talent each weekend and genres expanding into house, techno, bass-music, EDM and more, Beacon Denver is not only a great place to grab a drink and socialize (mocktail, anyone?) but brings the quieter and more intimate vibes of a house party than a lot of other clubs in the area. Beacon has been praised lately in the Colorado music scene for its epic showcasing of local DJs combined with an awesome, fairytale-like physical setting and cool, lighted-dance floor.

No matter where you come from, who you are, or what type of music you choose to get down to on the dance floor, there’s something for everyone here in beautiful Denver, where house music, among so many other genres, has truly found a home.

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