Local Listen — Liquid Chicken Levels Up For Second Record, Relax and Consume

Liquid Chicken
Photo Courtesy of Liquid Chicken

For Jake Fiss, rhythm guitarist and vocalist for local band Liquid Chicken, Denver gives musicians lots of opportunities — the chance for a band to release a debut full-length to open arms and willing ears being one of them. With an official release date of July 4, the new-to-the-scene yet obscurely old-school rock ‘n’ roll band Liquid Chicken treats Denver fans to the twelve-track LP, Relax and Consume. The foursome — Fiss, guitarist Morgan Madrigal, bassist Jude Montanez, and percussionist Anton Cariffe — are taking their second set of great strides to establish themselves in the local music scene as a band that straddles the line between humorous and serious, messy and stoic.

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Photo Courtesy of Liquid Chicken

The last time 303 spoke with Liquid Chicken, they had just released their self-titled EP and dove deep into the songwriting process, genre oscillation, and mastering the dichotomy between light and dark. Before that, however, fate would see to it that Fiss, Madrigal, Montanez and Cariffe would meet one another. After more than two years of their starting, becoming and evolving as a band, Fiss recognized the coming together of Liquid Chicken as “fated.” Having all attended Denver’s Regis University, their “circles of friends melded” inevitably. As their social lives serendipitously snowballed, the members of Liquid Chicken found each other and began jamming, then playing, then practicing, and then writing.

The members of Liquid Chicken each have different musical influences, which means that with them, you’re getting an eclectic array of musical styles from across the rock ‘n’ roll spectrum. With their respective influences pretty “wide-ranging,” said Cariffe, “we switch musical influences pretty often and songs come out of those.” In terms of his own individual songwriting process, Cariffe will “binge one artist and then write songs that are influenced by that artist.” At some points, the music is heavy and headbanging rock — like in “She Says To Me” — while at other moments, like with “One Thousand Girls,” the music gives something akin to, say, Modest Mouse. At any point in time, you can hear the vast inspirations taking shape and yet the music flows seamlessly between tracks.

While similar in vibe to the EP, Fiss said that the new album “leveled up” in that the band has “grown a little bit.” While they still have the most fun with “messing around and not taking anything too seriously,” there are some songs on this new album “that are a little more serious.” Liquid Chicken has also applied this burgeoning flirtation with maturity to their recording game as well. “We took a little more time finding where we wanted to record,” said Cariffe, and once they did — at 25 BPM Studio — they spent months making each song sound just like, well, them. “We’re all playing together at the same time; it all sounds a little more real,” Cariffe said about the final product, with Fiss adding, “We wanted it to sound as raw and real as it could be like you’re in the room.”

And in the room we will be — on July 6 for the album release party at Hi-Dive with Spliff Tank and LEGS. The Band. After a five-month stint in and out of the studio, Liquid Chicken is ready to share Relax and Consume with those who are ready to party well and consume great new music. The album is something they’re all very proud of, hearing these songs in “their final form.” Fiss humbly expressed that he hopes “people can enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it” and is looking forward to spreading the music with more show dates both in and well beyond the local scene.

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